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'Celestial Energies'

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Earth’s axial tilt and its relation to the rotation axis and
plane of orbit as viewed from the Sun during the Northward equinox.
Credit: NASA

The Light and Darkness are
connected like twin souls,
none can exist without the other,
They have to follow each other
cannot divide those two,
they like a family of sister and brother.

Those twins are inseparable from each other,
they hold strong ties, without them,
Planets and humans would not function,
Cannot deny that humans have to have the
energies to work and diversify.

When the day is ending a night begins,
energies floating in Universe,
they affect people in many ways,
depends on the sensitivity of their body,
that two Darkness and Light,
are very special to everybody.

I like to emphasize that,
‘Light and Dark Are Celestial Energies’, and
the world cannot function without any of them,
we have to respect both equally well,
because God created them for us to dwell.


I have studied Plato discovery about the power of those energies.
He too was astonished how much those two depend on each other.
the Light and the Dark must follow their circles one after another.

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March 31/2019
By Zuzanna Musial


Additional explanation to the above.

In respect to the title of the poem, I need to add a little explanation.
My poem is about 'Daylight and Night-time' as those Celestial Energies.
Although if we look deeper the night is shorter than the daylight,
depends where on the Planet we are located.

What Causes Day and Night?

For most of here on planet Earth, sunrise, sunset, and the cycle of day and night (aka. the diurnal cycle) are just simple facts of life. As a result of seasonal changes that happen with every passing year, the length of day and night can vary – and be either longer or shorter – by just a few hours. But in some regions of the world (i.e. the poles) the Sun does not set during certain times of the year. And there are also seasonal periods where a single night can last many days.

Naturally, this gives rise to certain questions. Namely, what causes the cycle of day and night, and why don’t all places on the planet experience the same patterns? As with many other seasonal experiences, the answer has to do with two facts: One, the Earth rotates on its axis as it orbits the Sun. And two, the fact that Earth’s axis is tilted.

Axial Tilt:

As already noted, due to the Earth’s axial tilt (or obliquity), day and night are not evenly divided. If the Earth’s axis were perpendicular to its orbital plane around the Sun, all places on Earth would experience equal amounts of day and night (i.e. 12 hours of day and night, respectively) every day during the year and there would be no seasonal variability.

Instead, at any given time of the year, one hemisphere is pointed slightly more towards the Sun, leaving the other pointed away. During this time, one hemisphere will be experiencing warmer temperatures and longer days while the other will experience colder temperatures and longer nights.

NOTE: Additional explanation from this site.

Video Copyright Lucas Thanos

By Zuzanna

© 2019 Zuzanna (All rights reserved)


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