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1st Prize
I found you on the concrete,
Shrivelled and bare,
I picked you up,
I couldn’t leave you there.
I cared for you,
And kept you warm,
All through the winter’s
Snow’s and storms.
When spring arrived,
And the sun was bright,
I let you out,
I knew the time was right.
You had really made,
Quite a remarkable recovery,
I was very pleased to,
Have made your discovery.
As the days grew longer,
And the sun became warmer,
You grew so fast,
A real charmer.
Then when I knew,
The time was right,
And I could no longer,
Hide you from sight.
I took you to the exhibition,
You were a marvel to their eyes,
Tall and straight and full of colour,
It was no wonder that you won 1st Prize.

1st Prize

By Dlanor Rellim

© 2019 Dlanor Rellim (All rights reserved)


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