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In these thoughts my true love
I think upon thee with love's favour,
For our love has been durable in time
To the greatest heights of mental labour.

For in our strengths and weakness
We consider how our lives are spent,
Come joy come smiles of laughter
For this life of ours is only lent.

Kind compassionate friends are loyal
Blue skies of colours landscape clear,
The joy of precious little feet
The toil, the sweat, the strife, the fear.

The restlessness of the passing years
The flowing of the sadness spent,
Unforgiving in it's roaring lament
In voices of anger we did not repent.

On reflection and salvation's cure
The love conquered and forgave,
The candles flickered love and peace
And gave us life to breathe and save.

For love is often wasted in jealousy and hate
In weeks and months in pathetic debate,
But our love has shone through to win
We have won the battle it's never too late.

Our mortal souls from tears in sorrow
Our hearts were saved from years of grief,
Our old age will be one of smiles
For this my love is my honest and true belief.

By listener

© 2019 listener (All rights reserved)


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