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I Love You - (I'm yours!)


Do not give me all your love till midnight
For if I were to have it all before
No more, would I find in magic moonlight,
No breath could I breathe sighed to more adore
Nor move you to tears with more sweet romance
And all my words I've proudly said and sighed
'Gain perform their function - nothing new tried.
For such delight I gamble some love lost,
That small potions may fall others' way
But I'm bold and believe the extra cost
To me, to you's banished by break of day.
Do not give me all your love till twelve dear -
The future with full love - we'll face my fear.


A woman's mind, with Wind's talents made skilled
Are you, the prime source of poetry for me;
About love, our love - avoiding ill's willed
With the swerve of love, swerving purposely;
With eyes for publishing for love's the need;
For money agreed yet your woman's mind
Swift, powerful, gentle and from failure freed
Like the wind publishes leaves that lovers find
And for love you were first a breeze in spring
Till Wind saw potential for poetry's void
And gently with gentle ways made me sing
Leading me through poetry to challenge Freud.
A woman's mind can feel your talents flow
Knowing my love's worth more through your heart glow.


You make me king where once sad weakness reigned,
Faulty seed sown, now flowers and loved sells well;
Through you, my love to throw away's restrained
Being your bloom, smooth voice lost sales quell.
You make me king where once sad weakness ruled -
I'm lost in wonder of so great a change;
Once things I could not overcome though schooled
Now, find the poet within himself not strange.
You make me king where once sad weakness flawed,
Show how through love the're sweet peace dividends;
That a book record of love by you's adored.
I love my crown - life heads towards grand ends.
You make me king where once sad weakness stormed -
Without such robes lack of love would've deformed.


I sought you Fame not for myself, much more
Though night's double darkness of aimlessness
Does trouble my idle hours with sleep poor.
'Why seek fame where past paths had happiness
And tempt dim darkness of unknown places?'
Dear Fame you speak truly, sweet peace I leave
To impress my love, paint faint star traces
That explode into bright words, words that teeth
Gaining no mean applause - lead hearts near faith,
Near hope, near heaven that choice becomes theirs.
'Note that fame may well load your day and chafe -
Impress you might but love climbs best heart's stairs.'
Fame if you helped me most on love's path true
With solid good sense to not serve you - then do.


Where there's need, prompt applause if prompts stop dreams
Of future times when fame comes, to think now.
Prompt till my smile leaves and felt delight seems
Voice, not far thoughts, best serves the present hour.
Where there's need, prompt my praise, for praise we need -
Our talents embrace in present moments
And strong heart beats out of step never breed -
Same goes when I watch your form, no comments,
In private dreams that shared, would win your heart.
When there's need, 'waken me to reality
That voice, touch and breath shared, best praising start
And present need's to pluck ripe fruit promptly.
To leave poor me dreaming pleases but one
And within these limits high praise seems none.


Her spirit comforts though her fullness waits -
Hopefully for the moon to climb great heights
Through cloud, through stars towards tonight's love gates.
There's her presence 'pon the long lounge most nights,
Sitting, lying, reading, listening as I
Write for her as tonight consulting poets
Though no poet's poetry rivals - yes I'm shy
To say her beauty on the lounge out votes
Any lady praised by any poet of note,
Today, yesterday, centuries ago.
'Course if they of her enchanted sweet heart wrote
Their books would thicker be with beauty's show.
More poets as I would sit and read their works
Or clamour for my lady for there fame lurks.


Sweet love, poets feel let down and miss your power
As though the flower closing poisons blooming
Or they see life best through labouring death's hour.
Where are poets, pleased though 'lone, not brooding
With time to think, to ponder the pleasures
Of love, sweet love, uplifted, powered, not drained?
The're handsome men without smiles love measures
And pretty girls pass by, expressions pained -
Sweet love fire them as I'm fired, love filled full,
Eyes bright from her beauty, heart beating fast,
Sad sights, sad sounds scattered not 'cause I'm cruel;
I'm in love, sights, sounds of beauty I grasp.
Sweet love, sweet flower opened now wide for me
Your power's never lost while you bloom poetry.


Would you sadly learn what's oft' said of me
That happy I've been, happy before you?
Be not worried that more love or money
Can't change sad souls for long, or much, seems true
Only I know the heights my mind now scales
And the growth of heart warmth - these things within
Since joining in spirit where past love pales.
You'd not sadly learn what state's said I'm in
These days, these years, these magical moments;
I've sane visions of grandeur, sane madness -
My poetry portrays the more sane comments
That my naked thinking heart dares confess.
Acts of love making do not make the man
Though our poetry plans not like Peter Pan.


'Why frown? Said the Spirit smiling with gifts
'The sonnet may mean little song to some -
Here are three things that one finds as one sifts
Through all your songs that like waves love's stream run;
Three in one's the gift I give, given me
As I read little songs through the long night.
Oh Poet your naked thinking heart happ'ly
Made me come to you to show you delight
Given me in every great little song.
Naked let's slow dance in spirit's kind dream;
In thought let's visit glory - linger long;
With heart make the ecstasy like flesh seem.'
I'll frown no more dear Spirit - tonight's ours;
Just prove you've been here in reality's hours.


You move me somehow most days not least now
And well we know when thoughts retrace the day
Where with them heart without beat, beats the hour
Somewhat more or somewhat less as thoughts play.
Perhaps when praised? Something brought feelings strong,
Much past my praise, like a book with words blurred.
Thoughts make meaning from your name for heart's song
As they follow down paths of their heard word.
You move me somehow most days, now not least -
As children can parents unknowingly.
Voiceless is not your smile and my eyes feast
And heart and thought tear at the memory.
Do you know your power? - the world's yours to rule.
You know my pen's yours, now won, no poet's fool.


Since fear of cruelest bad back pain's banished
Good thoughts again flow like waves without end -
The rose loves my eyes, knowing love that's wished,
Her sweetness back blocked, now brain can attend;
Past poor thoughts I swamp with pleasing pleasures -
Rose petals riding waves down my river
Calling me to follow, grasp her pain cures,
Risk diving, risk the river's pace for her.
Wasn't pain of child birth followed by beauty?
Could I not now surf sweeter, longer waves? -
Never to look for pain, never to flee
From beautiful thoughts post feared pain, one braves.
The reason for pain I plainly do not know
Though when it's past, know that love well can grow.


We have some secret truths we'll not reveal
For golden darts of love would lose their wound;
The gloomy clouds do flee from our clinched deal,
Perfumes refresh, leafless trees gain back ground.
Hear and believe such secrets are approved
And have appeared so that delight's not dulled;
We now grow sacred seeds from sight removed
And glories lie in love where lips play's lulled.
Works without show, though torrents roar binds minds;
Words melt with love that to others offend -
Great errors on soft bosoms fade with blinds;
Sleepless lovers seen alone much love send.
Hear and believe my love the swelling tide
That sweeps this Poet in secret's flooding wide.

By David A. Doolan

© 2019 David A. Doolan (All rights reserved)


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