The Hurt That Keeps On Hurting
I have a hurt that does not heal
That nobody can see
I seem to hide it very well
Cuz it's deep down inside of me

But every now and then
It rears it's ugly head
And it is at times such as this
Shamefully I wish that I were dead

For this pain is a continuance
From years I care not to remember
A fire set within my mind, heart,and soul
Of which I wish were but a dying ember

Family betrayed me and took my pride away
Some continue to do so
Still to this very day

Dear Lord please give me peace
I don't want to be their puppet on a string
Father hear my humble words today
And heal the hurt that keeps on hurting

Just For The Love Of It Challenge
My Footnote here...... When our parents leave this world some families fall drastically apart. Such happened in my case anyway.

By JacieStralkoDuca

© 2019 JacieStralkoDuca (All rights reserved)


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