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Cry Of The Ocean
Alana splashed in the morning sun,
Then dove deep to the ocean floor
To rest and wait by a coral reef
For Fabian, the Merman she adored.

A school of fish and spiny sea urchins
Greeted her with their morning song.
Her long red hair flowed with the waves.
Her only love, Fabian, would soon be along.

She grew worried, the longer she waited.
It was not like him to ever be late.
Little did she know that her sweetheart
Had been met with an unconceivable fate.

While swimming and diving earlier,
Fabian had become entangled in a fisherman's net.
Never before had he ventured into those waters.
It was an excursion he would long regret.

Alana's cries can be heard in the evening,
And they continue on into the day.
She knows nothing of the outside world
Or the aquarium where Fabian is now on display.

All the sea urchins, every aquatic creature,
Feels the loss and shows sadness, none can hide.
Their tears are forever gushing and flowing,
And that is why there is an Ocean tide.

Alana spends lonely hours in seclusion
Missing her beloved's sweet kiss.
Never knowing, always watching and waiting.
No existence could be sadder than this.

Then one night, a great splashing sound
Hit the water, with all the forces that be
It was Fabian, he had returned, at last
To Alana, to his home in the deep blue sea.

The huge aquarium stands empty now.
The main attraction, is cancelled indefinitely.
A kindly old caretaker took pity on Fabian,
And in the dark of the night, he set him free.

Now, the Ocean waters sparkle like never before.
Creatures of the deep sing in unison.
Fabian, their hero, is back with his true love.
Their wonderful love story has just begun.

By Mariannajo

© 2019 Mariannajo (All rights reserved)


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