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Return to the universe
My mind decided to drift and swim through the endless ripples of folded connections
I stop and listened
You donít understand said the voice
Youíll never get married it laughed
You are used , damage and now simply old

Why are you still here ?
Your heart should stop beating
You are never seen and have achieved nothing

Youíre simply dirt and yet,
you still here draining life from others.

Donít you want to end it?
Can I help you end it?
I am sure it wonít be bad as you wonít be missed
You are simply nothing so return to nothing

Return to the beauty of the stars.
The night welcomes you
Come back and among the planets where you are free

Release your self to me

My breath was cold
I should listen this time

Itís a much better life up there
Here I am grounded
Failing, hurting not really accomplishing much

But up there
Up there !

I am something
I am bright
I am seen
And loved by so many.

Voice answer me how do I return
I do not belonging here

I wish to be up there with you again.


© 2019 CYNOSURE (All rights reserved)


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