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Increments Of 25.
''When you're young, your ego is so strong. Then you get older and you get freed from

yourself''. Quote by Peter Dinklage. I have come to realize most live life in 3rds, 3, 25 year

time periods, I loved Western films as a boy, now in my 6th decade I have gotten back the

love of them; 75 years in quite a long time to live a life, the first 25 are a lot of fun, the next

25 are geared toward success or not, barring any major illness or accident most get past it,

the last 25 are problematic due to health issues or not. I figure I have about 10 good years

left, which will put me at 75, my 2 strokes have had a drastic effect on me, my awareness

has peaked, all those I truly loved have gone on ahead of me, I'm a DNR medical alert in my

VA file, my love of the Arts is a blessing of Divine order; I get so many flashbacks of my

boyhood at times, most are of a LIGHT nature, so the game's end is in sight, no extra innings

or overtime........just........

Increments Of 25.

By Truenobleman

© 2019 Truenobleman (All rights reserved)


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