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Amongst the Clouds of Heaven
When I was a child…in my dreams…I loved to fly…
I would fly aimlessly…above the trees and over the fields of green,
Enjoying the beauty of the flowers that seemed to be everywhere…
For those were the most beautiful flowers I had ever seen.

Whenever I needed to get away for awhile
Those dreams of flying would come visit me at night,
Lending a sense of peace to my life…as if it were the plan…
And like an old friend…my dreams had me smiling again
While I watched myself playing with other children
Red rover, red rover and catch me if you can.

Amongst the clouds of heaven, now…
After the sunset of my day…
Is when my dreams…they take me to fly about,
In the softness and light of a starry night…
Leaving me in awe and taking my breath away.

It is for the beauty of the earth below me though…
That makes me want to linger at the break of dawn…
Linger to watch…a beautiful field of daisies…
Filled with butterflies dancing…as morning comes along.

Today, I waken to the soft pitter patter of summer rain upon the window
As I breathe in the heavenly scent of your body upon my skin,
And whispers touch like feathers…
While I let the warmth of your sweet love in.

You have become a beautiful song in my heart, my love
And as life grows on, I believe that one day in time,
Together we’ll fly where eagles fly,
Dreaming in tandem…best friends and lovers…
Flying joyously amongst the clouds of heaven…
Always and forever…just you and I.

For the Al Stars Challenge with Heather
Phrase used: 'life grows on'


© 2019 MARYT.LIVE (All rights reserved)


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This Poem is part of a Challenge: - All Stars Challenge with hhazlett26 (Heather)-read page for rules, info, and REQUIRED PHRASE (accepting submissions)

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