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Brim Brim

When I was young my favorite toy,
was quite ordinary for a normal little boy.
Tiny cars that came with wheels gave me control through creative feel,
Up the sofa edge I was pushing, then into the air to land on a cushion.
Onto the carpet my mum kept so clean.
She knew where I was going having seen where I had been.

Skidding around chair legs, coffee tables to,
this add on to my fingers knowing where and what they do.
Turning on time to find correct line,
Straightening up, going for the cup,
Learning important lessons , like mustnít spill
And how to enjoy every moment until Iíd had my fill.

Now years have gone by and I drive near every day,
Content with how Mummy may have wanted things this way,
to be like my dad, a driver to the end.
Always finding whatís new around the next bend.

Deeny's Challenge . As a kid _____I loved to play

By Thecraig

© 2019 Thecraig (All rights reserved)


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