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A single cloud in a clear blue sky.
A single cloud in a clear blue sky, a teardrop and a resigned sigh
Soft misted eyes of silent grief tell me that time is still the thief,
A clearing where the birds don’t sing, where only echoes can take wing
To places where there is no sound, where only loneliness is found,
Once in a while the echoes bring the lullabies she used to sing
When all our rhymes were passing by, time for our hopes to wilt and die
Where wistful woven whispers wept, so many promises not kept
Just tinkling broken china streams, that tumble over subdued dreams.

A single chuckle up a shade filled lane, no need to smile or to explain
For laughter in a shaded place lights up the air like sun traced lace,
A face remembered from long ago slips through my soul in a mystic glow
To feel the shiver of a frost filled dawn tip-toe away to the calm of morn,
A lone child’s voice, a bedroom prayer, a psalm that every soul can share
Takes us off through innocence, no more our grown up “commonsense”,
Sweet remembrances we dream, come peeping through a rainbow seam
We wander off into ourselves, like unread books upon their shelves.

A single thought hanging from a smile, sweet conversation for a while
Can lift us up when we feel low, when there’s no comfort we can know,
And soon I feel the whispering sea, bringing my dream ship back to me
As on the cliff I stand and stare, as in my heart beauty sleeps there,
A single whisper tip-toes by, it wants to speak, but is too shy
It knows exactly what it needs to say, “I love you”, then be on its way,
And yet the world is searching still, from the empty fire grate to the cross
On the hill, for the seasons to wait by the old wooden gate
Until it opens once again…

By 33whitby4654

© 2019 33whitby4654 (All rights reserved)


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