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Charm trinket days.
A rose smiling sky, or a chuckling spring
So many sweet memories they can both bring,
A presence of love when you need it so much
A kiss on your nose or a mist tender touch,
Those delicate wing beats of angelic charm
As she flies alongside you, and keeps you from harm,
So precious and lovely in so many ways
The wonderful sounds of her charm trinket days.

In the still of the morning as you sit and think
While the sun rises by you, and creates a link
Of gold bracelet spirits who sing the same hymn
Between pages of blue as the early clouds swim,
And when you rise slowly, and stretch to the air
There are so many verses for you both to share,
And so many rhymes that you both have composed
For the book you both opened can never be closed.

Through the bustle of day there’s a peace that you seek
That is brought to your heart by her breath on your cheek,
And when sometimes you feel as if nothing goes right
Your soul feels the warmth of her heavenly light,
Then she shows you her star that is pointing the way
To where heaven is more than a word people say,
For faith is the poem and love is the poem
And you know she is safe as you both wander home…

By 33whitby4654

© 2019 33whitby4654 (All rights reserved)


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