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At a Georgian bay window on Martingale street
through a Whitby lace screen, on an old window seat,
coloured green flecked with blue, like the deep shining sea
were the eyes of an angel that looked out on me.

On her lips of soft promise, a smile seemed to play
that enchanted my soul, like the dawn of a day,
and upon the lapel of her crinolined gown
was an amber and ivory cameo crown.

My heart felt so full of expectant surprise
as I noticed the beautiful smile in her eyes,
she opened the door and she beckoned me in
and we both didn't really know where to begin.

For it felt as though this was a wonderful scene
from a play we had starred in, where once we had been,
then we realised it was the turn of a page
and here we both were, once again centre stage.

So I offered my arm, and we walked in the room
and I smelled the sweet fragrance of lilac perfume,
we turned to each other and gently we smiled
and instantly I was completely beguiled.

On a large oval table that stood in the room
was a jigsaw depicting a rose bush in bloom,
while next to the bush were two lovers sat down
and the girl wore an amber and ivory crown.

But one piece was still to be put in its place
the pieece that was bearing the gentlemans face,
on the table face down, so that no-one could see
then she picked up the piece, and the picture was me.

And all in that instant, the jigsaw revealed
the picture was finished, our romance was sealed,
from that long ago time when we shared our first sun
to the gold autumn page when the jigsaw was done...

By 33whitby4654

© 2019 33whitby4654 (All rights reserved)


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