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Dream night silk.
The evening formed shivering sable remembrances
Of so many nights before just standing in the rain,
And moonlight flickered silently over sleeping streams
A trembling golden cavalcade with no need to explain
How even in the deepest shade a lantern light will glow
A shimmering milestone leading to wherever moments play,
And when threadbare clouds cast cloaks across the glowering sky
They flap like laundry on a line on Nature’s washing day.

Each dream night silk remembrance wandered ghost like in the mist
Just considering where it had been, and how it had not stayed,
For every memory that remained, so many more had gone
As some had always kept their faith, and some had never prayed,
The evening songs are whispered in a softly subtle way
Where even nightmares change to dreams of spirituality,
Between the pages life is dark, and sometimes hard to bear
Yet in a silent secret place, dream peace comes naturally.

With dream night silk across your eyes, the evening fades away
And every song you called your own will always be the same,
For though the walls of time can weep, all eyes soon dry again
So different being cold in the dark to the warmth of life’s sweet flame,
A flame that glitters with the sun and dries away the rain
Then wakening softly into the dawn is like a flower born
Into a singing serendipity of a glorious floral world
With shining silver petals and the gold of ripened corn…

By 33whitby4654

© 2019 33whitby4654 (All rights reserved)


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