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From the pages of forever.
At the weekend she’ll go back again to dance among the ferns
and then through flickering green mosaics where sunlight never burns
she’ll wander wisp tossed shadowed lanes of timeless peace rimmed hours
where emerald rain drops sprinkle from sky cameo blue showers,
and her memories touch her colourless, invisible her dreams
a potpourri of what could be, at least that’s how it seems,
bare branches from a shadowed stream, her mystic sundial time
will write again on patchwork waters with the elegance of rhyme.

And then she’ll rest against a willow, in a timeless scented glade
to dream of dreams that dream of her before her visions fade,
within her silver solitude she’ll feel the whispered songs
that speak to her of once again, of where her soul belongs,
then quietly she’ll wander through her peace filled reveries
like a snow white yacht with painted sails adrift upon life’s seas,
Her whisper wiped sweet silhouette mixed shadows with the sun
That sauntered past life’s winning post before the race was run.

She’ll wash herself in hush soft psalms that cleanse her spirit’s pain
Her timeless smile will wait a while, and then carry on once again,
And in the depths of her heart and soul she’ll be infinitely forever free
From what her eyes had once blinded her to, that she could now so perfectly see,
While her gown was comprised of the colours of life, her rainbows drifted around
Her forest bloomed gloriously without a noise, for indeed there was no need of sound,
She softly danced to the beat of creation, as creation bowed down at her feet
For her essence created such beauty, and her song was so gloriously sweet…

By 33whitby4654

© 2019 33whitby4654 (All rights reserved)


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