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A colony of ants, ever pesky pest,
Decided to reside in my garden,
Boldly they tunnelled and built sandy hills,
As their life grows on, squashing them my quest.

How smug each self serving little minion,
As through my garden their army did march,
Tiny destroyers munching onward,
Creating their under ground dominion.

A search for remedies to rid these insects,
The scoop, they’re social, harmless creatures,
How can they be so blasted wrong I ask,
There must be some terrible disconnect.

Our first instinct, to stomp out all their hills,
But paused that thought after a trip to Google,
We discovered the lowly ant our friend,
A partner per say, a few hidden skills.

Like tiny rototillers daily they toil,
Busy aerating and reworking the earth,
Scavenging and collecting dead insects,
Turning them to fertilizer for our soil.

So here’s my scoop, the scoop we decided,
Well leave them alone to carry on their work,
One stipulation...they stay in the garden,
As a guest in my house, they’re uninvited.

All Stars Challenge with hhazlett26 (Heather)
Required phrase “ life grows on”

By Sallee

© 2019 Sallee (All rights reserved)


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This Poem is part of a Challenge: - All Stars Challenge with hhazlett26 (Heather)-read page for rules, info, and REQUIRED PHRASE (accepting submissions)

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