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Why We Call Him King
Many people think of Easter as a day to celebrate
With bunnies, hunting colored eggs, baby chicks and things,
But to me, Easter is a day to celebrate what Jesus did for us
The rest is just our way of celebrating Spring happenings.

So this is my way of remembering this day
That comes during the beautiful season of Spring,
As I thank God’s Son, Jesus, for what he has done
And hopefully you’ll understand just why we call him king.

If you had not come into this world when you did
Born a child of Mary, to grow up and walk upon this earth,
I would not know you in my heart today, Jesus
As my Savior, who I must thank for giving me rebirth.

Today is Easter and we celebrate your ascension to heaven
Your rising from the grave that we had placed you in,
After dying on a cross that we had nailed your body to
You proved your love for us by enduring this abuse and pain
And by letting us have your blood to wash away our sin.

When you chose to give us this gift of life and love
I could not stand there beside you and thank you then,
But I can today as I accept you willingly into my heart
And I promise to share the joy and peace...
That you've brought to my life…again and again and again.

For the Why Easter Sunday is Great Challenge with Deeny


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