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Box of Gold
I miss his words, ‘I love you’
Each and every day,
The way we’d snuggle with each other on the sofa
While watching baby Emily at play.

I ache for the autumn fun and the first snowfall
That we looked forward to every year,
But nature’s song has gone silent for a while
Since my eternal love is no longer here.

In the spring, I began walking with my little Emily
The same four days out of the week,
We enjoy our spin around the lake at noon
Then sit on a park bench to have a bite to eat.

I see this young boy out here walking
Wearing this worn out baseball cap,
He usually sits on a park bench in quiet reverie
While looking through this golden box upon his lap.

Today, he sits beside me and something intrigues me
About the expression on his sweet young face,
As if maybe he’s forgotten where he is
Or how he has come to this quiet place.

I introduce myself and Emily.
I encourage him to do the same,
But he stares off into the distance for a good long while
Before telling me his name.

When he finally speaks
I know, I’ll be sitting here for a while,
As he tells me his name is Evan
And flashes me a sweet, yet lonely, smile.

I begin to ask him
About the beautiful gold box upon his lap,
But before I can, he opens it
And pulls back an inside flap.

The box is full of things he seems to cherish,
Like pictures and tiny trinkets from his present and his past.
He then pulls out a newspaper clipping
And I see some answers to my questions coming forth at last.

He begins to read the clipping out loud to me
As if we know each other well,
I am guessing that he is about thirteen
When that first tear drop fell.

In the clipping, a couple and their two-year-old daughter
Had died in a house fire, exactly one year ago.
They are survived by a twelve-year-old son, named Evan
And his grandmother who, I’m sure, loves her grandson so.

I touch his shoulder and say, “I’m sorry, Evan”.
As he wipes the tears with his arm and takes off his cap,
By then, little Emily is out of her stroller
And reaching up to Evan to sit on his lap.

Evan looks up at me imploringly
I nod, as if to tell him it is ‘okay’,
He picks her up so tenderly
And holds her in such a familiar way.

Emily gives him gentle kisses
And says, “I make the boo-boo go away.”
Evan begins singing her a sweet lullaby and I smiled through my own tears,
As I watch my baby girl help to heal our broken hearts that day.

As Emily sleeps snuggled in his chest
Evan turns to me to say,
“If I had one more wish in the whole wide world,”
“It would be to keep you and Emily in my life to stay.”

He says, “I love my grandmother, to be sure,”
But I miss my parents and baby sister too.”
“Sometimes, it hurts so awfully much,
Can I please come back and visit you?”

His plea tugs at my heart strings recently widowed as I am
But I am afraid that it just might make things worse,
As I am forever reminded he could be disappointed,
By having expectations of me that I can’t fulfill.
So, I give him a picture of Emily and me from my purse.

“Evan, when the hurt comes back as it sometimes will
Just remember all of us here this way,
And thank the Lord for your grandmother and all his blessings
That he gives to you every day.”

I put sleeping Emily in her stroller
And Evan gently strokes her face goodbye.
He places our picture in his golden box
Closes the lid and lets the memories lie.

When he smiles and says, “I love you.”
I know, he has seen my phone number that I’ve written on the back,
And we all go home that first afternoon of many…
Thanking god for bringing us together and taking away our loneliness
As we give to each other the love that our hearts seem to lack.

For the Simplicity SFITB Challenge with Jacie

Phrase used: 'I am forever reminded __he could be disappointed'


© 2019 MARYT.LIVE (All rights reserved)


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