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To the reflection in the mirror

To the person facing I,
(In my looking glass...
the critic of my inner eye),
make sure that you always pass the scrutiny of self,
protect your honesty like wealth and in you safely hold,
let no other weigh yourself,
for they may rob you of your gold.
Keep your love where it is safe,
let it grow and bloom,
be a garden to yourself...
don't just be an empty room.

There is no one any where
a better judge of you,
you wont escape the mirror's take
of summing up what's true.

All the wonders of self-wealth
are there within to know,
donít let anotherís view of you,
in your mirror show.

Donít let another steal your pride
or take away what's real,
exploding all your heart inside
by telling you how to feel.

You alone must like the one
that your mirror sees,
So make sure when you take a look
that you're the one you want to be.

Your approval of yourself
must outweigh the rest,
just listen to your spirit's song
and you will be your best.

Others may whittle down your size,
may try to keep you from your highs,
but within your mirrors eyes,
(a place devoid of any lies),
you will find... the truth.

So ,

Person in my looking glass,

this is all Iíll ever ask;

ĎLet your welcome always be when I look to see,
and even when it's time to die...
( if I should face toward your eye,)
let me find in thee,
unaltered there by lifetimes wear,
the glare ....
that you approve
of me'.

By Kay P M-Devenish

© 2019 Kay P M-Devenish (All rights reserved)


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