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Ancient times that rhyme
Living in the rock of ages
Before man created the wheel
and chipped away at stone
With a hammer and chisel

Eventually creating the belt driven
Machines of the 21 century
timers rollers ovens and the Hearth
The 18 century made its mark

Factories sprung up everywhere
They even wanted to build them in New York's Time Square
But there was already too much traffic down there
So they rolled them out in Detroit Michigan

Until desperate times and the economy went to Japanese Steel
and Japanese Cars and America was left to swallow its bride
For we built their steel mills and bought their cars
We won the war but gave away our economy

but we still had the best
of the best scientist Math students engineering colleges
Medical college for Doctor's and Nursing in the world
So we still had a precise advantage over the others

Worldly students wanted to go to our schools and universities
Of higher learning For higher earnings
The advantage was theirs the countries would pay for their schooling
In return they would have to come back and work for the government

For a said number of years before they could go about on their free will
But to the many of the masses it was surely worth it
The education they had received was the best in the land
Better than anything in Tokyo or Hong Kong

By Slightlyslimer

© 2019 Slightlyslimer (All rights reserved)


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