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In my midnight dreams
I run away
But someone calls
me back
And asks me to stay.
They take my hand
And guide me
Through a rainbow door,
The colours so radiant
So beautiful
I just want more.
The hand that guides me
Want's me
To witness peace.
My heart starts to flutter
At this glorious
Picture of love,
So much happiness
It must be sent
From heaven above.
There are angels covered
In roses
They smile
And give to me
A feeling of calm,
Warmth and peace.
A bright light shines
Around them
I just don't want
These elation
Filled moments to cease.
I have never felt
Such joy in my life
But as I awoke
The tears streamed
Down my face,
I felt as if someone close
Was watching me
And wanted to
Bring me some happiness
Instead of sadness
Around this place.

By listener

© 2019 listener (All rights reserved)


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