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Like a swift beam of light,
A flower petal,
that happens to land in my hair,
Sheer luck, or orchestrated by the Might?

Just so happens, you touched a delicate snare.
Beneath the layers of duty and responsibility,
Career, education and life's simplicity,
I got touched by an angel,
Vividly my heart felt alive, like a child.
I was, not afraid, of any danger.

Endless possibilities, dream' and hoping,
I no longer had to use my feet to walk,
I was carried, in the sense of,
Someone could actually lift me up,
I no longer had to be the only one, to do ''the talk''.
I could rely it all, on the one I love,
I no longer, had the need of feeling

He was there, made me feel, me again.
A ray of sunshine, my very best friend.
Two connecting dots,
in a world full of,

The blisters on my feet,
the broken ankles, that used to carry,
the tears I never allowed myself to weep,
Because of the pressure of my life and it's

More than a safe haven,
a bubble, which shielded all,
a rock-solid pavement,
I was one of the few lucky,
to ever feel that tall.

Tested by life's combat,
There he was,
Carrying me.
Relieving me,
of everything that made me do, or feel

I was given a resting place,
I thank the Lord,
He gave me a light for my darkest days,
In the shape of a man,
In every sense,
Of that word.

My Man.

By Xibell

© 2019 Xibell (All rights reserved)


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