To bloom where you are planted.

On one Easter morning long ago, before sunlight's dawn appeared,
A clay image of the outstretched arms of Jesus, I recall again this year,
My first thoughts of Him in a picture in my room where it was displayed
A figure stood, I'd found the same on sunrise morning in a graveyard glade

In my anticipation... of butterflies, flora fields and bumble bees,
I'd questions, what laid beneath the soil, what soared above the trees?
Like a melody laid dormant ...harmonic blends of perfect song
While waiting for a blossoms dance to music of birds that sing along

Beside the statue in this sacred sanctuary where family could return
A little girl came close with tear filled eyes clasping daisies and some fern
A headstone carving of an angel and her mama's name engraved beside the cross
She looked at the 'Jesus' statue with arms open wide, somehow felt comfort in her loss

Eyes of stone, can't see her heart and stone ears can't hear her thoughts,
Nor can they loose that sting of death, or the soul that Christ hath bought.
But I believe He heard us by the grave or in a Mission church and prayers we'd pray
We'd felt a measure of His love and grace,
when lighting candles, thanking Him for this new day.

He knows all roads and of friends and family, all our joy, and every tear
He always hears our longing for those kind of days like those of yesteryear
Now then, i'll keep this Easter jubilee ... dancing where to God i bring,
A lighted candle for our loved ones as i lift my heart to Him and sing!

Music Courtesy;
Keith and Kristine Getty

'To God belong wisdom and power;
counsel and understanding are his.'
Job 12:13

By Debera

© 2019 Debera (All rights reserved)


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