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Beauty and Wisdom

When the rose in spring prime does glow
And the breeze, down by the dew does blow

And when dawn starts to rise and grow
Do not tell me, it is so good; yes i know..

I know that good and beauty are duo
I know that evil and bad are both foe

And yet, i love the eagle and its claw
See ! beauty comes even with a flaw

Ride your fantasy, over the world and through
And see high mountains, and waves below

Sweet songs from robin and so is the crow
And the night, darker with a brighter day too

Summer has burn, winters with cold can do
And fall dismal, in between, in slow follow

And,now the fields are ripe its time to mow
Good days past, if the reaper did, then sow

To see the dust into crops has turned so
Ripe wheat, and fruits, all sorts mellow

Whoever sows, whatever his sorrow
Shall one day reap, see a bright morrow

I had time to see things come and go
From the rising sun to its setting low

And so i know it's life with joy and woe
That i must love beauty and its claw

Heart and mind must cohabit in duo
Nothing outlasts, only God is solo

By truefeeling

© 2019 truefeeling (All rights reserved)


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