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Lord, there's a tugging at my heart
that won't go away
A feeling that my heart is going to

So many times, I've turned to you
Many a bad time, you've helped me

I know your power to heal, and save,
to turn dark times into a brighter day.

I've witnessed, miracles performed by
you....that many would not believe.

I know, for you to work miracles, faith
is all one needs ...

But some times, Lord , the one in need,
is so caught up in the evil preached in
the world... that they forget the power of
faith, and think negatively.

I ask you Lord, in Jesus' name, to allow
my faith to stand - and my love for you
to intervene... today, in my child's
time of need, as together we plant
this , faith watered, miracle seed.
-Jan Tetstone

4:08pm May 1, 2019

By Heartsong

© 2019 Heartsong (All rights reserved)


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