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Brings To Mind.
As a boy I made the team in little league Baseball, but, was not permitted to join the team

on a decision made by my Dad, because my older brother didn't make the cut, all these

years later, I remained a baseball fan, my love for the game never dimed, so often when I

watch baseball now, my mind goes back to what could have been.

Brings To Mind.

We all recall our first romance kiss, I was a teenager at the time, felt like walking on air.

The days went so fast, her vibrations were all like an electric pulse, I close my eyes now and

I can still see her image, and the sunny afternoon in her backyard. Now when I see young

people in love or in film my mind goes back there to that April afternoon.

Brings To Mind.

In my childhood, we spent 80% of the time outdoors, my Mom watching us as we played

games and ran around spending our energy. At night also we played until it got late, no fears

were present, so much adventure to take in and be a part of, with a Canine to share in the

wonder of it all, it felt like magic no matter the season, my mind goes back to those times

in an instant.

Brings To Mind.

By Truenobleman

© 2019 Truenobleman (All rights reserved)


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