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'Pastoral application of colour'
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The day just begin and he was getting ready to go
to his favourite place where he could set up his painting palette,
and begin a new piece, the sun was not yet on the horizon
and birds slept in trees, the silence was deafening.

For him was the best time, he enjoyed being alone.
Soon I could see him heading to a secluded spot that
he could view tall majestic mountain’s, many Mulberry trees
and his ever favourite sunflowers.

“Was noted that Van Gogh’s Sunflowers paintings capture the pastoral
application of colour and the confused arrangement of outstretched leaves.”

The day begin with a dense fog, but
it did not matter to him if the fog was there.
Birds awaken when the sun climbed on the blue sky.
He set the palette in a favourite spot and began painting.

Van Gogh used brushes and paint with such passion, and soon from
the created piece emerged a beautiful-masterpiece,
as only can be done by a talented artist. For him, the world around
did not exist while busy painting a new piece.

The Nature painting was his love and passion.
He felt ecstatic being in the field full of sunflowers.
Through his entire life this was all he needed to be happy.
Passionate about painting kept him alive, was also his therapy.


By Zuzanna Musial

Music Copyright Brad White

By Zuzanna

© 2019 Zuzanna (All rights reserved)


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