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The Special Place to go________

The special place to go is the starlite cafe
Friends and family I'll pick up on the way.
Starlite will welcome us all
As we will have a party in the starlite hall.
I will bring plently of chocolate candy
Maybe we will have some Pepsi and coffee from sister Brandy.
A big cake more then one maybe cookies to
Sister Deb might bring some chips more then a few.
Brother Tony and brother Rex will bring some chocolate too
Brother Al, brother Tom brother Jim
Might bring some peanuts in a nice tin.
Sister miss Sharon and sister Libra
Might bring animals cookies shaped like elephants and zebras.
Sister Donna sister Terri and sister Floreen
Might bring balloons red.yellow blue and green.
That would be great and brother Ron might bring some cookies to
Many things we can do.
Sister Marsh ,sister Janet and sister Sally might bring some coke
And tell some jokes.
Sister Jacie sister Zuzanna and sister Mariannajo
Might play the guitar and the banjo
Sister Deeny will sing us a song
We will dance all day long.
Aunt Cherry from way down under
We hope to see you there for all will get hugs in a bundle.
All of you are invited even if your name isn't here
We sure would love to have everyone for you all are so dear.
The special place to go is the starlite café
Oh that would be a wonderful day

Deenys challenge-The special place to go----------------

By just_little_me

© 2019 just_little_me (All rights reserved)


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This Poem is part of a Challenge: - The special place_______to go. (challenge has been closed)

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