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Dark Skies, Beautiful Eyes
A hurricane tears into your heart,
Winds bring down the strongest walls,
you built to prevent your fall,
God knows all too well your faults,

The pain carries dark skies,
As tears flow from your beautiful eyes,
Each one dropping like flies,
The shadow of doubt rise,

Is it time for ascension?
You ask the storm,
Giving it your full attention,
A death grip around your throat forms,

Sunshine cracks through the clouds,
The surface of your skin warms,
As I take your hands,
To bring back the love that ran,

The sun chases away the dark skies,
Revealing the horribly missed blue,
I smile at the shine in your beautiful eyes,
We watch the birds that flew,

I squeeze your hand in mine,
For the lives of all nine,
Our hearts have grown,
And you will never be alone.

Happy Mother's Day, Danielle Bean. I love you.

- D. C.

By danielle

© 2019 danielle (All rights reserved)


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