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Oh How You Love Me


Daffodil, Daffodil make dull hearts thrill,
Bought so all cancer research might expand.
Tell me of one just like you Daffodil
So pretty my eyes tell my heart like sand
Tells beach, like your pursed lips in smile tell mine
That love removes hate that love cleans slate
But best love beautifies, makes hearts divine.
Wave in the wind, bend your stem, please palate
Of soil, of rain, of sun, of my mouth too
So nose noses you, fingers finger you
Eyes eye you, as cheeks cheek you - love takes due.
Knees need you, toes totally, thighs sigh too.
Daffodil, Daffodil make my heart thrill -
From the vase in my love corner, room love fill.


Without certain sweet movements that you make
Without them mind deep my night would be wild;
Each movement's loved, no need to dance the drake,
Your grace removes the rake, gives manner mild.
No movie star need I watch and wish for -
Her beauty's tame when you move favoured moves;
One look's worth, where mind looks longingly more
To true worth's test valued truly as love's.
No need to walk in moonlight, see trees sway,
Watch light dance on leaves rustling, best stay home;
Men could be hermits seeing my replay -
Kings would become poets and give up their throne.
Without certain sweet movements in my mind,
Without mountains climbed, this poet would lack spine.


Truth; worth with beauty's flower I've happy plight
And therefore let me not forgo privillege,
Waste minutes, make little of moments' flight
Though far from the bloom blocked by prickly hedge.
Her beauty's beautiful as love not lost,
Where slaves ask for slavery to service give,
Where words which writers use fail there's great cost
But I praise despite words die, short they live -
For love's worth not failure's worry dampened
Fills lines with love - pretty's pain beauty won,
To live and die when glory's been tasted,
Poor poet made rich - poor words shine like the sun.
Such beauty charters what's worthy, what's not -
Silently I write, loud heart beats won't stop.


We get some meaning from our names, more yours
Where things left yesterday are triggered back.
Your name invites the traveller rest and pause
So thoughts that stray hence from frowns do not lack
As night's soft darkness gently runs past days
While changed from child to man to more I thrive -
We live while we believe and believing pays;
The worn-out world we know, could come alive
By saying your name, gaining meaning, comfort.
With firmer manhood, weeds of sad days die
And star-sown nightly skies tell wonder's brought -
There's meaning in your name and I know why!
You are so strongly in my heart and head
The world will know well, long before I'm dead.


If all gave gifts as those received from you,
Not wrapped, not passed by hand, not just one day
With such ease yet which surprise as yours do
Then men would exceed their boyhood man play.
No need to look back nor hope for better
Today sun, moon and stars are their brightest.
Talented lady record to the letter
A man of your gifts who's first to confess
His grand feeling grows from your gifts given -
A greatness he feels, that no man proves more,
Not this suburb, the world! - maybe heaven.
Yes your given gifts received most outscore.
The great love poems of old are full of woes -
Claim false small merit here with none of those.


I saw her pass along the path at night,
Some tunes she hummed that happy seemed though low;
Ducks were swimming like day time by man's light,
No further music from creatures did flow;
Yet 'twas not nature, not nature at all
That she aired as she shared, 'twas inner born -
Lights of the park's path from her eyes did call
The thing, the essence that from many's torn,
As she walked, she passed by to my delight.
A very visible thing - yes an essence -
Replaced the missing music of the night.
Who ever she loves, her heart is immense.
Forever she's travelling along night's path
Walking by my side warmed by my heart's hearth.


Your talents will be long loved with all hearts
Which might through doldrums sail now yet winds rise
For love with mighty winds my pen imparts
And all winds thought still will claim too their prize
As beauty glides in glory showered by love.
True mighty winds have blown before as fierce
But now with wisdom you are free to move
Forward, left or right with speed or suppress.
You're the valley where winds love to whistle,
Where the flowers grow with beauty as nowhere
And this Poet's spirit wanders pleased, slopes all
Inspired, enthralled, just waiting for your dare.
Let talents entwine tenderly then we
Will have large sails for the wide world to see.


Hold back the full love man strives for with care
For crumbs are mine, the cake iced the seconds
And like the bull fighter risk all I dare
Drawn by the beauty that ne'er broad rod bends
And steeped in poetry so the pen can win -
Study victories through phrase, through thoughts bold
Where both heart and body, not one's taken.
If victory in the ring, there's little gold
If the lady I love's not watching stunned
And poor's the poetry that pleases ten hearts
And fails two targets dared for which I've gunned.
Yet on crumbs I'll not starve, the cake saves parts
That mouth waters, whether eaten or not -
Held back from the whole's making mighty the poet.


Her splendour echoed 'round the valley's heart,
Creatures knew she approached though 'twas deep night,
Quiet river her guide past thieves' darkest part -
I greeted the beauty made bold, made bright.
The owl did hoot, clouds fled and full moon beamed,
The spirit woman smiled and beckoned me
Her splendour a spell 'pon poet's heart dreamed.
I waved to creatures peeping, moon cloud free,
We danced and sang, spirit woman and I -
Followed our echoes through the valley's heart,
The owl did hoot, clouds fled while moon did sigh;
The Poet had never had love like she sparked.
Creatures knew we approached though 'twas night deep
Not by owl nor moon - 'cause love's voice shunned sleep.


Feared Sorceress who can change love's smooth course
And even give love where love brings down man;
Yet I who suspects good can come from force,
From jealousy, from lust entrenched in man
Know beauty like yours can bring good outcomes.
'For your flattery I grant one favour
But be careful in your words - do your sums.'
Feared Sorceress who can change love's flavour
Be not harsh on my wish poorly worded
But may I make love in flesh with my love?
'Foolish Poet e'en now you visit her bed
And spiritual orgasm is grand grand love!'
Feared Sorceress who knows far more than I
Let me try for more, I still wish to try.


Oh sweet Thought what hours mine sought hers sublime
In lands where ideas dwell and colours roam,
In lands where smiling love gives treasured time
As thought's, through eyes and lips, long leaps are prone.
Remember how with echoes we've made names,
She said mine, I said hers and Thought you glowed;
When I said this, she said that - you loved our games.
Oh Thought you showed her thigh, your mischief flowed -
You lept into me and set in motion
Hours and hours of gifts for later opening.
Oh sweet Thought through love you are devotion -
In me, through her you've become amazing.
In lands where ideas dwell and colours roam,
Through her, in me Thought, poetry you have grown.


To your most famous beauty graft these words
Then when time's still young though this Poet's grown old
Our love will astound young hearts like song birds
That kiss the air with sweet perfumed notes bold.
May at least two lovers sit in tree shade
And read the Poet to hear his songs of you
So their eyes, their lips, their hands, love parade
As our two spirits dance through the page on view,
Your film star youth dazzle and love sizzle
While the words of the Poet move the lovers
And your most famous beauty grafts soul to soul
Producing love like under your covers.
One more kiss would lead thousands to this bliss;
Any more would blind words and beauty miss.

By David A. Doolan

© 2019 David A. Doolan (All rights reserved)


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