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I Fight Every Day
I fight to stop myself believing you are bigger than me
Bigger than my mortality
I struggle to get others to see
That you really are there inside of me
It couldnít be make belief when you have managed to nearly kill me
You have conquered my mind
You have twisted my thoughts behind my intentions
But Iíve fought you for a decade alive
And managed to survive your vengeance
Iíve blocked you out, Iíve numbed myself but yet you still lingered in my head
Iíve hurt myself when you have told me Iím worthless and that I should be dead

You are like an evil spirit that latched onto my soul
And I canít seem to get rid of you and you wonít let me go

Am I talking to myself?
Sometimes I really donít know
You left me in this sorry place
With no where else to go

And Iím feeling guilty to a dangerous degree
I feel so sad, is it all because of me?
I have though some kind of drive that keeps me breathing
I donít know where itís from but sometimes itís fleeting
The sadness never disappears
My problems are left unsolved
This mystery I burden to be my own

You attack me relentlessly
and drag me down
Sometimes I give joy to the pain, coping like a clown

I fight everyday
So donít tell me Iím fine
Iím not ever going to be ok
But Iím alive

By L.K.K

© 2019 L.K.K (All rights reserved)


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