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I stand by the open door
Where there is no future
I stand here every day
Puffing away on a cigarrette
Should I go or stay?
One of life's many questions
Go through my mind
I have given her
All I have to give
She took my heart as well
Don't talk to me of love
I feel like I am in a living hell
There is a lot been said
She won't come back now
I don't have to guess
Reading behind the lines I can tell
He's filled her handbag full of gold
And her body he does pleasure
But what he doesn't know is
She is a psychological liar forever
And certainly no treasure
She'll use him for her gotten gains
And spit him out like so many pips
She doesn't realise she is ill
But she'll hurt him like so many whips
I have put up with her lying ways
But now I think I'll lock this door
And forget about her
Because there is no cure.

By listener

© 2019 listener (All rights reserved)


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