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Thoughts of wonder
Will it thunder?
Although the day is grey
I take a chance and go on my way.

Some cloudy, some fine
Some rain, some wine,
Spring beauty flows
Magnolia petal sows.

A carpet of elation
A brilliant sensation,
As smooth as your skin
Petals flow like angels of kin.

With tender love in the breeze
Song birds sing from sycamore trees,
The willow drinks his fill of the day
As the ducks go by with a lot to say,

In the breeze the sun is a delight
As the cat licks his paws of pure white,
Butterflies asnd bee are quite content
To laze over the flowers what a beautiful scent.

A day of beauty in the countryside
To view such colour so vast and wide,
Mother nature is a blessed scene
To fill your heart up just like a wonderful dream.

By listener

© 2019 listener (All rights reserved)


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