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On a glass where diamonds play.
Through a window, through the rain
The lines of life run down again,
And on a glass where diamonds play
I watch the gleaming writing say
That written life can be so hard
For dipped in gold, each diamond shard
Can only script the time of day
In just the same old measured way.

Past the shadows of the night
The dawn set eyes are shining bright,
And on the rim, where sky meets sea
I see the glow of what will be,
In written words of yours and mine
That softly blink before they shine,
And as the newborn pages turn
The more we read, the more we learn.

Through the forests of the sky
Blown silver tinted branches fly,
And at the ending of each day
The leaves turn gold, and dash away
To secret halls of solitude
Where light will never dare intrude,
To sleep and dream of life anew
To dance again in seasoned blue.

And through each fleeting voice of time
So eager to complete each rhyme
On pages of each loverís heart
So that each lover can take part
In poetry of summerís gold
When all they do is simply hold
In diamond etched simplicity
The dreams of all they want to beÖ

By 33whitby4654

© 2019 33whitby4654 (All rights reserved)


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