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From both sides of eternity.
Eyes that hold the depths of night
Are mirrors of a sacred light
Reflected back from midnight’s song
For flower perfumed psalms belong
Behind the painted glass of day
Where they can dance in wind swept play,
And cobalt tinted eyes can see
From both sides of eternity.

Dark skies hold such endless space
In tapestries of star spun lace
That spread upon the endless loom
Like faces twinkling in the gloom,
Before the eyes close once again
Before that final sense of pain
They glow with so much timeless grace
Like age that shines upon a face.

Some tales are told without a word
Some songs of life are never heard,
Outside the deep set gates of time
Where poets wait to scatter rhyme
Confetti scraps upon the snow
And sing before the fire’s glow,
Between the steps of light and shade
A place where dreams will never fade.

Some prayers reach out with open arms
And travel roads spread out with palms,
To distant dreams of love and hope
From tortured hearts that couldn’t cope
With all the hurt and all the pain
That stumbles through the dark again,
From both sides of eternity
Some eyes choose simply not to see…

By 33whitby4654

© 2019 33whitby4654 (All rights reserved)


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