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Each day my eyes beset anew
Something in nature's glorious view,
Each day I view the world at large
Maybe from land or water's barge.

Each day I watch the sunset
Each day I watch the dawn,
Each day I write the words
Given to me when I was born.

I watch the blossom flowing
Floating in tranquil stream,
Clear under a summer sky
I sit on the river bank and dream.

Each day I watch the nature
Of god's own garden view,
And think of what man has done
To this world that's me and you.

Each day I watch and listen to the greed
Of man's insatiable thirst,
Of want of power and prosperity
To lick the bowl and worse.

Each day my eyes do see
With clarity and colour,
The beauty that was heaven made
But for humanity it is getting duller.

For the bread of life is given
But greed is a powerful force,
The snow is getting thicker
But we all have a choice of course.

For the river of life flows
For the freedom of man,
But how long will it be
Before we understand?

By listener

© 2019 listener (All rights reserved)


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