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Had a little talk with Jesus.
She's about 85 years young and so sweet
She lives just over a few streets.
She is a special friend and going through so much
Dear Jesus she needs your loving touch.
Her grand daughter is on drugs and running wild
She wasn't a bad child.
She got started on drugs when she was was a young teen
Now shes a young lady as she turned eighteen.
She has so many guys and drugs she's turned to trouble
Her grandmas problems seem to double.
The girl now has a mace gun and shot her grandma in the face oh so sad
The grandma didnt know why the girl was so mad.
Had a little talk with Jesus each day
as more and more for my friend and her grand daughter I pray.
Tears silently fall please join in prayers with me
As it hurts me as the pain they go though I feel even if there pain I don't see
As the girl then beat her grandma and no one knew
As it was a few days later her grandma told me said i can trust you.
When someone says please don't tell anyone there secret I keep
I talk to Jesus about it then put it down inside deep.
Had a little talk with Jesus as I feel I must get her help somehow
Only this time I feel I must tell I knew my answer might not come right now.
As I pray to Jesus to tell me what to do as I know he will.
For I don't want anyone to get hurt or kill.
Turn to Jesus not the drugs for they can drain your brain
Taking drugs is no fun no games.

(Please click on the video for the song.And this is all my poems are.)

By just_little_me

© 2019 just_little_me (All rights reserved)


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