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If I only could get a message to you
You are one fine lady
Can't you see I been trying
To get a message to you
By any ways possible you bet

For my palms are sweaty and my hands are wet
If I only could get a message to you
You would hear from me how much I care for you
and you would be safe in my arms tonight

But I lost my cell phone
I put a letter in the mail
And it takes two or three days
to reach my baby Postman hurry please

My lady awaits for me
Email is fading fast you never open them
too much Junk mail in the way

No way to get a clear message to my baby
If Only I could get that message to you
We could start anew but you see
It seem Your missing the point

I'm lost in this joint
and my printer is out of ink
my source is out of sink
Please Baby don't move away Don't Blink

I'm gonna get this message to you
Some way Some how I would like to deliver it in person
then I could seal it with a hot kiss on your lips
Then I got to get an answer from you

Do you love me darling I need to know
or shall I move on to another so and so
Please oh Please let me know
Let me know if you love me so

By Slightlyslimer

© 2019 Slightlyslimer (All rights reserved)


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