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Writings of an epitaph.
Flowing through the evening air
Like slipping on a gown,
Whispered words that swear to you
That they wont let you down,
Promises you’ve heard before
That you still half believe,
Like writings of an epitaph
Designed to make you grieve.

Teardrops in the morning sun
Like rainbow wearing birds,
Waiting for the looms of wisdom
As they scatter down your words,
Then they’ll weave them all together
Into something you can see,
Like writings of an epitaph
Designed to set you free.

Faces scribbled on the sea
In foam encrypted pain,
Memories dancing quietly
And trying to explain,
That though they may seem transient
Their message never dies,
But roves in silver penitence
Upon your evening skies.

Mirages of make believe
Cast shadows on the stone,
To paint my soul with wonderment
And yet I should have known,
For always on an epitaph
You live and then you die,
But in the world of in between
What matters is you try…

By 33whitby4654

© 2019 33whitby4654 (All rights reserved)


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