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Your hat still hangs upon its peg.

Your hat still hangs upon its peg, a dainty sigh from long ago
When time was scattered velvet, and the hour breeze knew the way to blow,
When you were more that just a smile reverberating round a room
And I was just a lantern flickered shadow in the gloom,
Yet to know you in those moments seemed like everything to me
As you shone upon me softly, like the sun upon the sea,
But you vanished like a whisper on the final breath of day
And your hat still hangs upon its peg, till you come back this way.

Your face still sits upon my desk, although it doesn’t need to do
For everywhere and every way, my heart is filled with thoughts of you,
I see you in the morning clouds before the dawn has time to die
Although you never look at me, I seldom really wonder why,
Bathing in gold along my lane I see you kicking leaves again
And all the joys of life touch me in ways that I just can’t explain,
Then I wander to your wardrobe and I touch your fragrance there
And instantly your flowers blossom sweetly on the morning air.

I feel we still hold hands together, as we did upon our beach
When I saw you in the distance, though your voice was out of reach,
You danced along toward me in your effervescent style
And every moment gathered round to watch us for a while,
Then our laughter wound together like the ribbons of our shore
And we felt baptised together, as the rain began to pour,
Dripping diamonds all around us, we were rich beyond compare
And I stll feel such a wealthy man, for you are everywhere…

By 33whitby4654

© 2019 33whitby4654 (All rights reserved)


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