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Gauze wings.
Gauze wings flutter in the sun, as lace embroidered dreams are spun
Upon each day in every way, so much to do, so much to say,
When golden moments form a chain and silver sequins paint the rain
That falls like eyes upon the air, that need to dream but never dare,
And silk intrusions wander by, like mirrors in a mosaic sky
Reflecting every sacred view, from silver dawn to twilight blue,
As whispered locket photos call, to dream leaves as they softly fall
Like ermine angels on the wing, they spirit dance and softly sing.

The gorse in bloomís vanilla scent can feel almost omnipotent
When moments dally on the air, and fragrant secrets sometimes share
Surreal sensitivity, subliminally blown to me
With such a sense of wonderment, I feel the touch of heaven sent,
Then from the riverís trailing arms, the Summerís soul sends forth such charms
Resplendently they bob and sway, those remnants of the blessed day
In regal synchronicity, towards the distant waiting sea
And though the evening slowly starts, the day remains in many hearts.

The night wraps swathes of distant grey around the final shards of day
Where loneliness feels comfort kissed, and tucked up in a bed of mist,
Until the hours are bracelet linked, until the final star has blinked
Upon the hours of ebony that roam upon the moonlit sea,
Then suddenly the wheel has turned, the final lanternís wick has burned
As moments shrink back to a size that makes the evening realise
That dawn is but a breath away, so crystalline the breaking day
And gauze wings flutter in the sun, as lace embroidered dreams are spunÖ

By 33whitby4654

© 2019 33whitby4654 (All rights reserved)


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