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You Hurt Me
Once again my trust is betrayed, shattered into pieces, up in flames
You tried to make me feel some sense of blame
Well I have nothing to be sorry for as it was you who slammed open the door
You who let the bullies in
You who cowardly ran to me for protection when all it was over for you was rejection, you were my worst infection

Harbouring nothing but illness into my life, yet I took you stabbing me in the back with a knife so many times
You were my only friend
But I was only yours
You took me for granted and in the end I had to close the doors

Now all I feel about you is this darkness, this hate, in all my fantasies itís you I strangulate
Iím left wondering over this bitterness, my minds going crazy, with thoughts of you spitting in my face and what I would do to retaliate
Symbolic of your betrayal, you had no loyalty, you had no care for my fate
You were a jealous bitch who tried to steal my life away
Always leaving me in pits of misery and all you did was take from me
I would have to stop myself from beating you to death
You hurt me, you hurt me
So deeply inside that I am dead

By L.K.K

© 2019 L.K.K (All rights reserved)


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