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Good companions.
Well hi there old timer, come sit for a spell
The evening is young, and I hope you are well,
We’ve shared some remembrances over the years
You shone on my joys, and you shone on my cares.

When I was a boy, and I felt out of place
Your silver soft fingers I felt on my face,
And each evening we’d talk until dawn’s early light
You gave me your strength and you gave me your sight.

You shone on the porch, as I sat with my wife
Caressing our foreheads and blessing our life,
You shone on our kids, as they danced in the night
And you lit up their path with your silvery light.

You were there as the golden years lived in my heart
Then you watched over me as the time came to part,
And you were still there at the end of the day
For you whispered a prayer as I laid her away.

On summer soft twilights we shared our regrets
And cast off our troubles like faded sunsets,
And from all of the people that I ever knew
My friend, I have always depended on you.

Now I sit with my glass, and I offer a toast
To my friend and companion, my heavenly host,
And I’ll bid you adieu in the soft morning light
And see you again at the same time tonight…

By 33whitby4654

© 2019 33whitby4654 (All rights reserved)


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