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Natures Stage
With the rising of the morning sun
Hughes of orange and pink color the sky
A chorus from songbirds fills the air
As they take wing and go flying by

Coyote is howling, searching for food
For her family she needs to feed
Roadrunner sits up high in a tree
'Your breakfast will not be me!'

The bunnies are hopping too and fro
Their powder puff tails a dancing
What do they eat, I really don't know
I guess what ever they fancy

The eagle is soaring up above
He's looking for a tasty snack
That cute little bunny better run and hide
Before the eagle turns around and comes back

The doe is standing high on a hill
Eating tender leaves on a tree
Her little one is jumping and running around
It's so beautiful, wild and free

All of nature is on the stage
Putting on a beautiful show
What a wonderful way to start each day
But alas, off to work I go.

By frog

© 2019 frog (All rights reserved)


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