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Reflections of the poets curse.
I can see right through a universe
reflections of the poet's curse
that dream me though I feel awake
regardless of the steps I take,
through days of darkness, nights of light
who is to say which shines most bright,
and who can say which verse fits best
upon each poet's forever quest?

I can stroll on clouds, sleep on the breeze
and count each whisper from the trees,
forsaken by the ides of man
I wander through my earthly span
bathed in my curiosity
at what the room next door will be,
will there be people that I've known
or will my thoughts rest all alone?

I can touch the heavens with my will
no time to wait, no time to kill,
just blossoming forever's words
that head for home, like Autumn birds
into a sense of deja vu, a sense of me, a sense of you
where every lie we ever told is buried in a sense of true,
that trickles slowly through my eyes
an ultimate, yet poor disguise.

I can touch hearts by just reaching out
dispelling fear, dispelling doubt
and all those nightmares that we knew
dissolved in shades of pastel blue
into a hotchpotch serenade
that ties us to the lives we made,
we'll one day reach the room next door
to see what we were destined for...

By 33whitby4654

© 2019 33whitby4654 (All rights reserved)


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