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Don't Give Up.Please.
Don't give up
When life overflows your cup.
So much hurt so much pain
Time we hang our head in shame.
I been through abuse for many many years
Hid my pain my marks my tears.
Kept secrets of why I was hurt and who done this to me
The secrets was kept so no one knew no one could see.
Only once in awhile
Did you hear me laught or have a smile.
There's many reasons to feel no one is there
And that no one cares.
Maybe you never had anyone to listen or to understand
Maybe you been abused and still hide from his hurtful hand.
A bad childhood can cause pain as we grow
And thoughts to give up comes when no one knows.
Thoughts to give up can live in your mind for ever
But don't give up please NEVER.
We care for you very much at starlite your special and sweet
Keep praying as we pray with you don't matter if face to face we never meet.
I know God will lead you to someone who will help and care.
I know for many times I been there.
Please don't give up
Life is a hard road to travel bad and tough.
You can email me any time
No matter what your going through don't walk that line.
God send some one to listen to help and care
God is there He will help you when there's to much to bear.

(I wrote this for missSharon and anyone who feels like this.)

By just_little_me

© 2019 just_little_me (All rights reserved)


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