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Friends Are Always Friends
There are times when friends have to move to another town or country.
It's sad when your best friends have to move away.
It really sucks and hurts.
Some might stay in contact and some might not.
Some might meet other people and become friends and hang out with them more often.
Sometimes they might forget all about us.
It really hurts and pretty scary.
It is really depressing and hard to accept, but there are times when they will remember to contact you once in awhile to see how you are doing.
Some friends that you've been friends with for so long might have a 2nd life and forget you exist, but that's okay.
They are still your friends even if it feels like they aren't.
You have to stay positive no matter how tough it is to.
They do remember you once in awhile and contact you.

Even though your best friends are far, far away they are still your friends and they still love you.
You and your friends are still connected somehow and that's a good thing.
Friends are always friends no matter how vague it might feel.
Friends stay friends no matter how hopeless it is to believe it.
Friends are always friends.

Yes, to some people this might be a bunch of bull sh** and seem to be a huge lie and that's okay.
Everyone has different beliefs and opinions.

A lot of times it's very difficult for me to believe it as well, but I try my best to stay positive. Even though a lot of times I debate on being positive and negative. Such a challenge for me.
Friendship is really great, but very challenging.
Friends are always friends to some people or most people.
Great and wonderful friendships are quite rare.
Friendships are one of the greatest things in life.
They are great to have and keep.

Friends are always friends.

By Brokenangel79

© 2019 Brokenangel79 (All rights reserved)


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