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Who hears the rooster when crows call at dawn
Skunk in the hen house, eggs sucked and gone
Angels and midwives, Mason jars filled
Kidlettes and piglettes, the house logs all milled
Butcher and baker with candlesticks made
Candlestick maker asleep in the shade
Pennies for old thoughts, paid in advance
Secrets in hiding, in attics they dance
Looking glass poets, adoring of self
Books gather dust berthed with books on a shelf
Sensible statements, no reason, no rhyme
Under the bridge drunken trolls perform mime
Riddles or waddles beneath jaws of cocks
Combs standing high upon myriad flocks
Bird in a bush and a buck slipped from hand
No food for the morrow, not what you planned

By Metaphor

© 2019 Metaphor (All rights reserved)


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