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Broken Angel KKD
Broken Angel

Oh the pain
that takes one to their knees
Those words that cut
and leaves a soul to bleed

Words that are spoken
not from the heart
the pain they may cause
leaves one with no start

Be sure the words
that are spoken
does not leave others
hurt and broken

That what you say
is what is heard
to injure and demean
is an action so absurd

To sit in judgment
by inflicting your will
make sure your feet fit
the sandals you attempt to fill

This life is hard enough
with out the added strife
by the words we choose to inflict
upon another life.

So give a heartfelt thought
before words are spoken
to sit in judgment of others
is not the action of a Christian

ღ KKD ღ

Original By
Donna DeLong Matthews
The Gold Pen Ghost
All Rights Reserved
November 2005
Just another Reflection of My ღ

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