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I Love You - (all of you!)


Honey from the golden moon for lovers
And perfumed light from you Venus my dear
While sleeping in summer needing no covers
Like I throw off sadness when you are near.
Some lovers fight, some lovers stay away
And some lovers pray love stays forever
With a passion that repays with faith each day.
There's point to perservering for the lover,
To taste the honey from the golden moon,
Inhale as I your perfume from afar
With passion and strive to be with you soon.
Our prayers are working my Evening Star.
Asleep in summer your winter warming
I'm tossing and praying, naked and yearning.


The Poet whose growing heart was out of tune
(Oh such hearts never come to any good)
Felt most secure under his own white moon
Though your full moon of gold drew as it could
But his memories would not let him sleep,
Whiteness was flooded by gold in the vale
That struggled otherwise with darkness deep;
You Venus sprang to moon's side minus veil,
Stayed till dawn infused with his new love light
And every flower and bird and cloud then beamed,
Every wind breathed, every beast stretched with might
For love was in the memories that seemed
To make good the tuning in the poet's heart
As he tossed the white moon for your love's gold spark.


Praise to Nature that she pours forth pleasures
With such a full and unselfish warm heart
Pinning our dark skies with stars of gladness
Sending a love light while we are apart,
Honey wine of the moon to share at night
Giving us dreams of mirth, calmness of mind,
Two hearts single hearted holding tight
Joining starlight sliding through glass refined
Sliding gently together sweetly;
Bees inhaling us, flowers seeing us as
Prince, Princess in grand love coming to land
To sip dew wine to celebrate what we have.
Praise to Nature that pleasure she forth pours
Over us so that our love can join shores.


If spirit's flesh were the words of poetry,
Cruel distance couldn't stop me warm touching you
For then although our shores part I would see
With spirit's eyes your beauty grand and true
Though night's here, night's fled from you hours ago.
Oh but my poetry spirit's flesh is not!
Ten thousand miles, a thousand times I know
Too far for cars, boats and planes - just a jot,
Daily, weekly, monthly, even yearly.
For two weeks - twice - flesh felt, saw, heard, tasted;
Poetry danced ten thousand dances for me
And acted as though he'd been in your bed.
Can't make Poetry feel sad though I'm distraught;
Distance conquers body but nothing thought.


When you give praise for things I've done for you
And direct attention of fame to me
Against the glory I go and ring true
To my eyes, success is yours - sweet poesy.
With my own weakness being much aware,
Seeing your strengths grow stronger is quite clear.
Where I study, your words dance dressed to bare,
Wildly to sedately with love so dear.
So many faults have I, hidden and found,
To give up on me you stand to gain glory
And I'd be the loser, in sorrows drown -
So in love, I'd praise you for leaving me.
The strongest of my strengths is I love you,
The weakest of my weaknesses is through.


Sweet offender: who you yourself have felt
How far sadness differs from happiness,
Let me wipe wet eyes, change the cards dealt
For your love gives one power over sadness.
As my smiles tumble over the brim, smile,
Let your pretty toes toe-tap our love song.
If we dance there's no chance sadness can rile
And to kiss, sad sadness will not belong.
Sweet offender: who you yourself have known
How far sadness differs from happiness,
Let me make you laugh, ecstasy your moan
For our love gives us power over sadness.
I was an offender till you I met,
Now love's my offence against sadness threat.


Those trees outside your bower have certain power
To make strong those with flowers on their pillows,
For gathered by lovers in their finest hour
Promotes deep love like wind in a sail billows.
Flowers in their hair, dreams are led lovely climbs
Away from valleys of the false worldly.
Breathing in their freshness calms the tensed times
And between the fingers heightens clearly
A lover's touch as flowers softly touch air.
Send me some flowers of the trees by your bower,
Breathe on them, kiss them, wear them in your hair
Then flowers will make my heart come that hour.
The trees outside your bower suggest to me
Follow shade and climb to your balcony.


Walking along the bank of the river
Like a pillow of your bed of unrest
Pregnant with all, our desires had ever,
Blankets of daisies called, softness to test.
Sat we two, at home with nature's beauty
Hand in hand firmly, feeling hearts reeling
And eyes kissing, our lips wishing to see
All kinds of pleasures, future revealing.
Best treasure the hand holding, reeling hearts
And eyes kissing, lips wishing, for it's sure,
While miles apart, a problem or two charts;
Love without a touch or two leaves love poor.
Walking along the bank best keep up hope
One kiss means more some day on the bank's slope.


Night breathes warmth beneath the shadowy tree
Where the bright eyed thirsting lovers huddle
Whose voice is water over rocks bubbly,
Learned from nature's love sounds since she does rule.
Sweetly sings the wide-eyed moon just to them
From her high throne as her light, leaves filter
So her glory, their smiles do recommend.
They touch her light, search where she doesn't enter.
As she grows, her beams become even more bright
So too the lovers grow, in losing care
Of being seen and heard by any that night;
Hips and lips sing the sounds of love's great air.
Oh nature it's my wish that Mistress Moon
Would teach me thus to sing your darling tune.


Being your slave, what would I do for you
All the hours and times of your heated desire?
Think not just love between the sheets I do
Nor an in-between lover you require
For although the notion of between excites
Being your slave means all round action;
Between your toes (I love) with licks and bites?
Between your thighs with murmurs? (I'm fond)
Between your lips, here and there, to come back?
Between your breasts in all manner of ways?
Oh being your slave I will be on track,
Pleasing with orders from you night and day.
Oh but I believe love brings out the best
So I'll love you, worship you with great zest!


If I could be a girl for just one day
I'd want to be you in all your glory;
I would lie in bed dawn to dawn and play
Exploring every sensation of me
So then I'd know how to more pleasure you,
Make your firm well formed breasts throb with delight,
Deep kiss you knowing places as you do
Where maximum enjoyment abounds - like
Nibble, lick, lap, push, pull, as I will know
From my time as you in all your glory;
Every place I'll know, where, how to go
As a master musician fingers free
Bringing out of you sweet tunes never heard
As your moans and sighs match my each thrust word.


When first I saw your sweets with eyes delighted
You can only half imagine called thoughts
Viewing on that which boyhood dreams marvelled
And where manhood was proved by knights in courts;
So when I looked at you with controlled eyes
Thoughts doubled movement, half you may have known.
Glazed eyes were at Treasure Island with sighs
Amongst the palm trees turning every stone
With my mind's map hunting for the right spot
Hoping my spade work deep enough to find
Every single piece of treasure - I'm hot!
But only sure when your island becomes mine.
As a poet not a pirate, sweets and treats
I write into the treasure that sense seeks.

By David A. Doolan

© 2019 David A. Doolan (All rights reserved)


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